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How Do You Know You Love Someone?

    How Do You Know You Love Someone

    To experience love is one of life’s greatest joys. Experiencing love for the first time is one of life’s most thrilling moments. The sudden and unanticipated urge to think of creative methods to impress them, the butterflies in your stomach, the desire to converse or be with them.

    However, sometimes, even if it may feel like you’re in love all the time, occasionally, it turns out to be merely infatuation. So, how do you know you love someone truly?

    If you’re looking for concrete evidence that you are in love and it’s not just infatuation, then look at the below-mentioned 12 signs. And if you will be able to co-relate with them, then you surely are in love with the person. 

    How Do You Know You Love Someone? 

    The 12 Signs:

    1) You Wake Up & Go To Sleep With Thoughts About Them

    When you’re in love, the person you care about is the first thing on your mind when you get up and the last thing before you go to sleep. So when you first develop romantic feelings for someone, they are naturally the first person you consider telling.

    As you fall in love, your brain’s reward regions, which are in charge of generating dopamine, the substance responsible for pleasure, are activated, making it pleasurable and uplifting to think about them.

    2) You Can’t Control Looking At Them

    When you find yourself staring at someone for an extended period, it may indicate that you are falling in love with them. If you find yourself glancing at the same person repeatedly, you have likely met a romantic partner.

    According to research, partners who find themselves looking at one another have a love relationship. Indeed, this is the case. You cannot be staring at a person without having feelings for them.

    3) You Feel Happier But Nervous Too

    When one is in love, they are genuinely happier. As if you were experiencing a natural high. The notion of spending time with your significant other genuinely thrills you, and just looking at the thousands of selfies you’ve taken together makes you grin cheesily.

    However, being in love makes you a little anxious. You are apprehensive about the future because you wish for your connection to endure.

    4) You Want To Take Care Of Them

    When you love someone, you naturally want to look out for them and make sure they’re okay. You also expect them to do the same for you. By giving them the kinds of ease you’ve experienced to be meaningful to others, you’re showing them how much you care.

    5) You Think Future With Them

    Knowing you won’t be able to live without the one you love is a sure sign of true love. You start thinking about them when you make decisions about the future, like where to go on vacation or what to do after high school. When it comes time to make important life choices, you find yourself hoping that your significant other will be by your side.

    6) Your Prioritize Being With Them Over Anything Else

    You begin to value time spent with your partner more highly because you recognize it as a reward in and of itself. In addition, whenever you’re around them, your stomach gives off an “I adore this feeling” vibe that compels you to prioritize spending time with them over anything else.

    7) You Feel Jealous

    Even if you’re not normally a jealous person, being in love with someone else can make you feel that way. It’s normal to be concerned about the future of your relationship with the person you love if they spend a lot of time with other people and/or if any of those people pose a threat to yours, like a hot coworker they always bring up or an ex who is still in their lives.

    8) You Crave For Their Physical Presence

    Since this could also be a sign of lust, you should look for other love indicators to confirm that what you’re feeling is more than just lust. You want any physical or sensory interaction with them. One of your goals in a romantic relationship is to experience a stronger sense of connection and closeness with your partner.

    9) You Feel Love Everywhere

    Do you suddenly relish idle chat with your less-than-pleasant coworker or start chats with your grumpy neighbor? Your relationship-affirming energy may be affecting those around you. 

    The experience of falling in love can jolt us out of our routines and help us see the world and the people in it in a fresh way. In addition, having someone to love can improve one’s mood and attitude.

    10) You Want Them To Meet Your Family & Friends

    When you invest a significant amount of time and energy into a relationship, you want to involve your spouse in every facet of your life. You sincerely care about the well-being of your connection and want it to endure for as long as possible, which is why you want to present them to your loved ones.

    11) You Feel To Be In Relationship

    How to tell whether you’re in love is to evaluate whether or not you’re ready to make a long-term commitment to that person. Unfortunately, most people are hesitant to make a permanent commitment out of fear of the potential consequences.

    They wonder if they are truly prepared to make such a life-altering choice as a commitment and if it is the proper thing to do. Therefore, committing to someone doesn’t frighten you if you love them. The time has come for you to take the plunge and feel prepared.

    12) You Feel Their Sadness & Pain

    You can sense their grief and have a great deal of empathy for them. You attempt to address their problems because you cannot perceive their suffering. This may also require you to go above your capabilities to alleviate their suffering, but you wish to do so cheerfully.

    Bottom Line

    After knowing these signs, you surely know how do you know you love someone. Of course, the journey to love is different for everyone, but if you and your partner exhibit these characteristics, you’re probably on the right track.

    While falling in love can be an incredible experience, it is important to be cautious and recognize any warning flags to ensure a healthy relationship.

    Thank you for reading!