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How to Clean a Yoga Mat?

    How to Clean a Yoga Mat

    The rectangular piece of cloth sees a lot of movement, from the sweat and oils on your skin to the ground and other surfaces with which it comes in contact. This is certainly not conducive to an enjoyable yoga experience! 

    It’s important to wipe down your yoga mat after every practice and give it a thorough cleaning once a month. However, you must also clean it correctly. And if you do not know how, we will instruct you on how to clean a yoga mat?

    How Often To Clean Your Yoga Mat?

    You should try to clean your yoga mat once a month if you only use it a few times a week. If you do yoga daily, though, you should attempt to clean your mat more frequently, at least once every two weeks.

    Hot yoga requires more frequent and thorough mat cleaning and sanitization to remove built-up sweat and prevent the development of bacteria and fungi, which thrive in damp conditions.

    How to Clean a Yoga Mat?

    Maintaining a clean mat can help prevent the spread of bacteria and eliminate any unpleasant odors. If you practice yoga in a studio where mats and other equipment are shared, cleaning your mat after each use is essential. Even if the risk of contamination is minimal when practicing at home, the same guidelines apply. So know how to clean a yoga mat:

    Daily Cleaning To Disinfect:

    Yoga mats can harbor a wide variety of bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms, so it’s important to keep them at bay in order to prevent the spread of diseases like athlete’s foot, plantar warts, and ringworm.

    Gently wipe both sides with a microfiber towel (or other clean towel). You can even consider buying cleaner & clean with it. It’s important to clean both sides of the yoga mat, as bacteria from the floor can spread to the new side when you roll up the mat. After thoroughly cleaning the mat, leave it aside and allow it to dry completely.

    Deep cleaning:

    You should try to clean your yoga mat thoroughly once a month or at least every few months. To be safe, only machine-wash your yoga mat if the manufacturer specifically recommends it.

    • Rinse the mat off in an area with plenty of water, such as the lawn or a shower at home.
    • You can clean your mat using dish soap, a mild detergent diluted in water, yoga mat cleaner, white vinegar, or any number of other methods. Choose the option that best suits your needs.
    • Then, saturate a soft cloth with cleanser and scrub the mat in a circular or back-and-forth manner from top to bottom. Be sure to scrub both sides thoroughly.
    • Clean the mat by rinsing it with water. Get rid of the extra moisture with a dry towel. Depending on the mat, you can also squeeze and twist the sides to remove excess water.
    • Allow the mat to dry in the sun. Because sunlight is naturally antimicrobial, it will help eliminate any bacteria that you may have missed throughout the cleaning procedure.

    How To Properly Dry & Store Yoga Mat?

    You can dry your mat by suspending it over the back of a chair or the railing of a porch. Your yoga mat should never go in the dryer. When the mat is dry, simply roll it up and put it somewhere dry and airy to store. 

    Even if you aren’t using the mat at the time, you should leave it open for air to circulate every few weeks. It’s time to upgrade to a new mat if you see any peeling or if bits of the old one are sticking to your training clothes.

    What solutions to use to clean a yoga mat?

    1) White vinegar

    Because of its antimicrobial characteristics, white vinegar is a common natural cleaning option among yogis. Using equal parts white vinegar and water, you can easily clean the mat by spraying it with the solution and wiping it clean.

    2) Mild dish soap

    This dissolves in water to help remove dirt and oils gently. Any mild dish soap is suitable.

    3) DIY cleaner

    Create a homemade cleanser by combining equal parts witch hazel and warm water with a few drops of eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil in a spray bottle. Few drops of these antifungal and antibacterial oils are sufficient.

    4) Commercial mat cleaner

    There are several mat washes out there if you don’t feel like doing it yourself. Eco-friendly essential oils and other non-alcoholic substances are common in these mat-safe cleaners.

    How long does this take to clean?

    It takes around 10-15 minutes per side to wipe them down and dry completely. So, depending on the condition of your mat, spot cleaning might take as little as ten minutes, and drying can take as long as an hour.

    A thorough tub cleaning will require 20 to 30 minutes and up to 24 hours to dry. (High humidity can prolong the drying process.

    Bottom Line

    Spraying down your mat after every usage and properly cleansing it at least once every month can maintain your body healthy and your practice reputable. So don’t forget to clean your yoga mat.