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How to Control Feelings for Someone You Love?

    How to Control Feelings for Someone You Love

    One of the most wonderful and perplexing human experiences is love. However, there are times when you may wish it weren’t the case. There are numerous reasons why you can decide to cease loving someone, such as if your feelings aren’t reciprocated or if your spouse constantly acts against your best interests. So, in that case, you want to control your feelings. But, how to control feelings for someone you love?

    Surely, if you do not see any future for your love, then you need to step back and control your feelings. But controlling your feelings is not that easy. That’s why we have mentioned 10 tips that can help you along. Let’s have a look, and you should consider them. 

    How to Control Feelings for Someone You Love?

    Here are 10 tips & things you should work on to control your feelings for someone you love:

    1) Be Truthful With Yourself

    Optimism is not a negative characteristic. Despite this fact, the ability to maintain optimism in tough or painful circumstances is commonly regarded as a sign of personal strength. But, the person you care about may not share your sentiments. Or maybe you feel crazy in love when you’re alone together, but you fight about everything else when you’re together.

    Realizing that your relationship or love isn’t going anywhere won’t make your feelings go away right away, but it is a big step in the right direction.

    2) Speak With Your Friends or Family

    Reaching out to loved ones and keeping them informed about your decision and the challenges you’re facing might lighten the load. In return, those closest to you will be there for you during difficult times. 

    They might talk about what they learned from making the same choice at the same time and share advice that helped them move forward.

    3) Distract Yourself

    The more time you spend dwelling on the person you should not fall for, the more likely you are to get obsessed with them. So, if they enter your mind, reroute your thoughts. Maintain your focus by engaging in a productive task. Think about devoting some time to your interests.

    4) Spend Time With Your Friends

    The more time you devote to other individuals, the less time you will have to consider Mr./Ms. Wrong. Staying active and reaping the psychological benefits of social interaction are two outcomes of putting yourself in close proximity to other people. In order to promote your own health, you should take full advantage of any chance to bond with them.

    5) Meditate

    It’s understandable if the thought of clearing your head for meditation makes you think of the one person you’d rather not dwell on. But the outside world fades away if you relax into the present and focus on what you’re feeling, thoughts and sensations. To clear your head, so to speak.

    6) Know That It Will Take Time

    It would be much easier if you could simply turn off your emotions at will. But, only by processing your emotions can you move past them, and this takes time.

    Allowing yourself the time it takes to work through the stages of grief, loss, and acceptance is crucial if you want to accomplish taming your feelings for a romantic interest.

    7) Think About Future

    The idea of overcoming your emotions and moving on to the next phase of your life may seem overwhelming right now. But, on the other hand, time is a powerful recuperative force that holds much hope for your future. There is so much potential ahead of you that any present suffering will likely seem insignificant in comparison.

    8) Make The Changes You Want With Yourself

    When you’re completely smitten, it’s easy to start making subtle (or not-so-subtle) adjustments to your persona in order to better fit the person you have your sights set on as a romantic partner. 

    Think about the aspects of yourself that you may have hidden, repressed, or changed. For example, you may have started dressing more formally than you normally would, become a fan of a sport in which you previously had little interest, or abandoned a long-held passion.

    9) Breathe

    When intense emotions threaten to overpower you, it is natural to breathe shallowly automatically. Instead, try focusing on your inhale and exhaling for a few breaths to enhance your breathing. This will return your awareness to your body’s desire for complete, relaxed breathing.

    10) Don’t Think About Negative Thoughts

    The greatest method to improve your mood and sense of mastery is to keep a positive outlook and avoid dwelling on the past.

     Instead of relieving emotional stress, ruminating on what you could have said or done differently in the past will simply add additional stress. And, worrying about possible negative outcomes will end up putting you in unease.

    Bottom Line

    When you decide to quit loving someone, the first thing you should recognize is the courage it requires to choose to leave a situation that no longer brings you joy. Falling out of love isn’t simple, and numerous factors contribute to it being a genuinely difficult process to go through. 

    But you can work on them through the ten tips or suggestions we gave on how to control feelings for someone you love. 

    Thank you for reading!