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How to Tell Someone You Don’t Want to Be Friends?

    How to Tell Someone You Don't Want to Be Friends

    It takes work to maintain a friendship, just like any other kind of close relationship. Without question, ending a friendship can be more traumatic than a love split. However, friendships have a propensity to reach a point where one or both parties begin to believe that the relationship is no longer working. 

    It could be because of a mistake made by one party, unresolved consequences, or the natural process of two individuals growing apart. No matter the specifics of your scenario, you should try to end the friendship in a way that doesn’t hurt either person’s feelings or turn them against you permanently. So, in that case, how to tell someone you don’t want to be friends?

    It will surely be rude to call them & say you don’t want to be friends with them anymore. So there need to be some other ways which are polite & easy. This article is all about those ways. So let’s look at various ways of ending a friendship without any hard feelings. 

    How To Tell Someone You Don’t Want to Be Friends?

    Sometimes it’s best to break up with a friend, but it’s never easy. Not knowing where to begin, you can call off things in any of these ways:

    1) Be Polite With Them

    Even if you don’t want to be friends anymore, that’s no excuse to act rudely toward one another. On the contrary, maintaining a cordial relationship with your pal is a smart move. It’s a sign of both self- and other-respect.

    It’s not acceptable to try to end the relationship by being disrespectful. Likewise, treating people cruelly just because you’re done with them is not okay.

    2) Distance Yourself

    You should begin to emotionally distance yourself from a buddy well in advance of really severing your friendship with them. Make it clear how much you’ve lost interest in maintaining the friendship.

    Suddenly announcing that you no longer want to be friends with someone can be shocking and difficult to understand for all parties involved. But, on the other hand, if there is a gradual buildup, they will have an easier time grasping it.

    If a friend phones you up to arrange plans, you should decline. Stay away from any and all conversations with them. Don’t commit to anything permanent or make any promises.

    3) Try To Do It In Person

    A common error when breaking a friendship is to do so through phone calls or text messages. While the person may have good intentions and be attempting to avoid extra sorrow for both parties, this comes out as disinterested and chilly.

    It is preferable to inform someone face-to-face that you no longer wish to be friends with them if you have changed your mind. Call or text them to let them know you need to meet and chat. Then, select a suitable location where the two of you may have an open, forthright chat without interruption or concern about any external element.

    4) Avoid Blame Game

    Pointing fingers has never solved anything. On the contrary, it just inflames tensions and drives a wedge between individuals. It takes a lot of emotional strength to leave a friendship.

    Avoid it at all costs to spare yourself mental anguish. Even if you feel the breakup was the other person’s fault. Do not ever admit it out loud to that person. Avoid the temptation to assign blame and end the friendship amicably.

    5) Listen To Them

    Communication is an essential component of all partnerships. However, it is not limited to talking. It also entails listening. This is how healthy relationships develop. Allow them to answer when you have revealed what you have to say. Listen to and appreciate any reaction or viewpoint expressed by your friend.

    Allow them to have their outburst, for example, if they are angered by something you said. And if you can help mitigate the negative consequences of your decision, do so.

    6) Be Honest About The Reason

    It is often said that honesty is the best policy. However, self-honesty is required before opening out to a friend. If you decide to cut ties, your friend will probably ask why. Depending on how honest you have been with yourself, that is the answer you will give your friend.

    7) Be Busy

    If you don’t have the energy to be friends with someone, don’t feel bad about turning them down. It’s more considerate than pretending everything is well when you know you don’t want to do it deep down. Your response should always be that you are currently busy if they specifically ask you to do something.

    8) Avoid Them

    Some persistent would-be buddies do not get the hint and continue to attempt to be your friend. It may be better to stay away from them under such circumstances. 

    Above all, ensure that they do not obtain your phone number; otherwise, you may receive constant calls. This may also be the greatest technique to approach someone who is offended because you do not reciprocate their interest.

    9) Don’t Interact With Them On Social Media

    You should stop talking to them on the internet. Don’t engage with their posts or photographs in any way. Make sure they can’t see your posts or make comments by changing the privacy settings on your social media accounts. Do not interact with them anymore by concealing or blocking them.

    10) Connect Them To Other Friends

    Perhaps you have other pals who adore this individual due to shared interests. They can therefore be good buddies. Play matchmaker and introduce them. Who knows, perhaps they will become close friends. Nevertheless, if your friend is uninterested, you can only hope that your ex-friend will be okay.

    Bottom Line

    These were some ways and things you can do about how to tell someone you don’t want to be friends with. Distancing yourself from a friend requires direct communication. As this is probably not good news, you should probably take a look around you. You should pick a location that provides adequate seclusion.

    And if someone is getting on your nerves, then try to avoid them & block them from everywhere. This can be the only way to unfriend such people.

    Thank you for reading!