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How to Tell Someone You Love Them?

    How to Tell Someone You Love Them

    Coming out and saying “I love you” is a brave, thrilling, and significant moment for any couple. If you love someone, you probably want to let them know. But, the thought of actually doing it may send shivers down your spine. So, you want to convey these three words in the best way possible so the other person knows your feelings. That’s why here is our guide on how to tell someone you love them!

    We have mentioned the 12 best ways you can convey your love for someone, and it just does not include mere words. You can tell them in a special way or as you find comfortable. So choose one of the ways & express your love!

    How to Tell Someone You Love Them?

    Here are the easy 12 ways you can tell the person you love that you love them:

    1) On A Date

    Sit close and get ready for a confession the next time you’re on a date with this person you love, and it’s just the two of you. Move in close and utter the words in their ear.

    Even if you’re uncomfortable with the idea, it’ll come off as sweet and romantic to the other person. Simply say it, give them a gentle kiss on the cheek, and put on your most endearing grin.

    2) After Going Away

    Is your sweetheart away for the weekend or on a short vacation? Do you long for them? Use it as an excellent opportunity to convey your point. Remind your date how much you missed them when you see them again after some time has passed. Hold their hand and let them know that you think you’re becoming more in love with them every day.

    3) Share Them A Love Meme

    Take advantage of a heartfelt meme. Select the best possible meme to convey how you feel. Of course, if you want to give them the meme, you need to wait for the proper moment the next time you text them. Nevertheless, a meaningful meme can be a great way to express your feelings for someone.

    4) Show Feelings With A Gift

    Are you too shy to show your sentiments in front of your date? The finest option may be to send an attractive present. Choose an amorous present, like chocolates, flowers, or something else you know your date will enjoy. Include an “I love you” message within the gift.

    5) Write Them A Love Letter

    Here you can write a letter to that particular someone if you just can’t have the confidence to tell them how you feel in person. To tell someone you care, you don’t have to be a poet or novelist. Try coming up with a couple of lines and getting some words down. The words will come as soon as you put your mind to it.

    6) Convey On Late Night Call

    Do you and your significant other frequently stay up late on the phone together? Then you’d be prepared for the mushy, romantic, and occasionally embarrassing moments that happen on occasion during phone calls. Saying “I love you” after a sincere “I miss you” or “I’m so delighted to have met you” is important.

    7) Use Emoji & GIFs

    A lot of people use emoticons, but have you ever given any thought to what they actually mean? When communicating via text, you cannot read a person’s body language or pick up on subtleties in what they are saying.

    The sending of a heart or kissy emoji expresses your affection. A heartfelt GIF will convey your message just as well.

    8) Send Them a Love Song or Playlist

    Look out for a music video on YouTube featuring a love song that has special meaning for you and send it to them. Send them a message. Adding the words “this song makes me think of you” will let them know that you share the same sentiments as the lyricist when they listen to the song.

    9) Tell Them You Are Thinking About Them All Day

    Don’t be shy in letting them know how much their presence has impacted your thoughts. If you think about another person often throughout the day, it’s safe to assume that you care deeply about them. 

    Using this phrase opens the door to profound and heartfelt dialogue. So get ready to spill your guts about everything that’s been bothering you.

    10) Just Say, “I Love You”

    Even if you are plainly uneasy, in fact, discomfort can really be advantageous. Some people find it extremely appealing when a person endures visible tension to convey affection. In addition, it’s far simpler to repeat a task if you’ve completed it once.

    11) Use Cute Words For Them

    Using affectionate terms like “Baby,” “Honey,” or “Cutie” is a surefire way to convey your feelings. These words are the best method to express your affection for someone indirectly, and they are guaranteed to trigger a rush of oxytocin in the recipient.

    By making the receiver feel special, you can send a message of undisguised affection.

    12) Hold Hands

    A simple gesture like holding hands can convey a lot of meaning. Take his hands in yours as you chat to him to convey your affection without saying a word.

    When two people care about each other take a stroll around the park with their hands intertwined, it symbolizes their closeness. It’s a way to show love without even saying those three words. 

    Bottom Line

    These were our 12 best ways how to tell someone you love them. Make an effort to make every display of love special and unique. There are likely countless other expressions of affection you could make. 

    However, with a few notable exceptions, most show of love made outside of a face-to-face setting are imperfect. So try to express your love face-to-face. 

    Thank you for reading!