Top 10 BNB Chain Projects of 2023

Binance Coin (BNB)

Most popular on BNB Chain is Binance Coin, or BNB. Initially a simple utility token for the Binance exchange, Binance Coin's utility and popularity skyrocketed in 2020 with the debut of the BNB Chain blockchain.The cryptocurrency has more than 1.5 million holders across the BNB Chain and Ethereum ecosystems and has many uses, including fee savings on Binance, paying transaction fees on BNB Chain, and in-store purchases.


PancakeSwap is a popular BNB Chain project.PancakeSwap is BNB Chain's most popular dApp. It now includes a decentralised exchange, yield farms, prediction markets, an NFT marketplace, and more.PancakeSwap frequently trades more than half a billion dollars everyday, dwarfing rival BNB Chain DEXs.PancakeSwap has over 4 million monthly users and is one of BNB Chain's most successful projects.


Chainlink allows blockchain-based projects to quickly combine data streams from off-chain sources, such as IoT devices, stock exchanges, and centralised databases.This data can be put into smart contracts to power and secure decentralised apps and services like exchanges, tokenized stocks, and prediction markets.

Baby Doge Coin

This following project is for aficionados of meme coins.Baby Doge Coin is BNB Chain's most popular meme-coin.Baby Doge Coin will launch in June 2021 as an improved version of Dogecoin. Over 1.3 million people own the token on BNB Chain. It's been marketed in high-profile areas, including Brandon Brown's custom-wrapped No. 68 Chevrolet Camaro and Elon Musk's tweet. 


Venus is a decentralised money market and stablecoin protocol that allows users to earn interest on their BNB Chain assets by contributing them to decentralised lending pools.Borrowers can borrow against a variety of assets by putting up enough collateral, without credit checks or lengthy paperwork.VAI, a decentralised stablecoin, has failed to retain its $1 peg.


It aspires to improve the spendability and utility of cryptocurrencies while providing an industry on-ramp.The platform offers a multi-asset wallet and a white label debit card issuing solution used by Binance and FTX.Binance bought Swipe in December 2017 to broaden the availability of its services.The platform's native token, SXP, became the second most referenced cryptocurrency on Twitter behind Bitcoin in Nov. 2021. 


A derivatives trading platform that offers yield-bearing fundstailored to risk appetites.The platform contains three risky funds. ROOK fund trades leveraged assets to maximise returns. The QUEEN fund delivers reasonable income with moderate risk for long-term investors. 


CryptoBlades ranks eighth. Play-to-earn gaming dominated 2021.Play to earn initiatives became popular in 2021 by offering players cryptocurrency tokens for their in-game efforts and triumphs. Dozens of P2E games are presently live.CryptoBlades is perhaps BNB Chain's most popular P2E game.


Mobox, a popular GameFi platform, launched on BNB Chain in mid-2021.The platform integrates DeFi, gaming, and community to create the MOMOverse, Mobox' metaverse.Mobox's ecosystem includes play-to-earn games including Block Brawler, ChainZ Arena, and Token Master.

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