Dangerous Dogs for Novice Pet Owners

1. Skye Terrier

Skye terriers are adorable but stubborn.To stay healthy, this breed needs lots of walks.Their long coat can cover their eyes and require regular grooming.Matting-prone Skye Terriers need regular baths and brushing. One of the worst dog breeds for first-time owners, they are high-maintenance.

2. Cane Corso

This Italian watchdog was used to hunt wild boar.Big, stubborn dogs. They like their own way and can rule the home.Cane Corsos and their owners become close friends.They guard their owners and are very territorial. However, new dog owners should avoid this breed.

3. Treeing Walker Coonhound

First-time dog owners should avoid this breed. Athletic, they need a lot of exercise to stay fit and happy.They are competitive and have endurance. Walkers were bred to track and tree wild raccoons.If you're active, they're fine, but otherwise, avoid this breed. Remember that they need a large outdoor space to run and burn energy.

4. Border Collie

Border Collies are great working dogs. They're vivacious and accommodating.Border Collies are smart and social. They do their job well. Without Border collies, where would we be?
As long as they please their owners, they love working. This breed needs lots of exercise and mental stimulation.

5. Bloodhound

Bloodhounds love their owners. They are stubborn and like control.
Bloodhounds are great hunters because they can follow a scent and drag you along.
Bloodhounds chase other animals, so new dog owners may find them too much.

6. Tibetan Mastiff

This Himalayan dog guarded families.
To protect the family flock, they were let out at night.
Thus, Tibetan Mastiffs are brilliant and independent.
Because they were bred as watchdogs, they can attack strangers. This breed needs obedience and puppy socialisation.

7. Australian Cattle Dog

These loyal dogs were originally herders. They are also stubborn dogs.Without a job, Australian Cattle Dogs get restless. They're smart and athletic, so lots of exercise will keep them happy and stress-freeThese dogs are wary of strangers, which could be a problem if you have a lot of guests.Due to their independence, this breed will rule.

8. Akita

Japanese Akitas are powerful. It's a big, strong guard dog.Akitas are good guard dogs but need a lot of training.Their mood can change quickly, from calm to aggressive.If you have kids or pets, watch this breed. To get used to people and other animals, puppies must be socialised.If you cannot commit, avoid this breed.

9. Siberian Husky

This gorgeous breed needs a lot of grooming, exercise, and a Husky diet to stay healthy.
Huskies need to work to be happy. They were bred to pull sleds in snowy climates and always seek out activities.This breed needs a long walk. They need daily exercise and can walk for hours. This large breed requires plenty of space and caution around other pets.

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