How do I get fit at home?

Start the day early, like at 5:30 a.m. Drink a glass of lukewarm water

Eat something light, like brown bread, oats, or fruit in season. Drink a cup of black coffee or green tea with no sugar.

Run for 15 to 20 minutes in a nearby park, apartment complex, or on your home treadmill.

Before beginning any weight training or yoga, you should do some basic stretching as a warm-up.

Start with push-ups, squats, plank, and pull-upsThere are also lunges, jump squats, side planks, sumo squats, tricep extensions, and other exercises.

Eat something good for you and good for you body for breakfast. Make breakfast the largest meal of the day.Stay away from junk and processed foods.Avoid packaged fruit juices

Try to eat healthy 6 days a week, and stay away from outside/restaurant food as much as possible.Use smaller plates and don't eat too much. Eating is not a race, but a necessary part of living a healthy life.

For snacks in the middle of the day and in the evening, try seed trail mix, fruits, fruit salad, tea or coffee.Your lunch should be healthy and full of good things, just like your breakfast. Lunch should be smaller than breakfast, and it should have good complex carbs, protein, and fat.

The smallest meal of the day should be dinner.Make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water by the end of the day.Sleep for 7–8 hours at the same times every night.

Boost Your Sleep Cycles

Sleep problems are caused by inconsistent weight and muscle-body balance. You may easily cover both with cycling. Cycling reduces sleep-related disorders. Cycling will fatigue your muscles and body, which will improve your sleep.

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