All the rumors about the iPhone 15, expected in 2023


The pill-and-hole cutout will expand to all iPhone 15 models, according to rumours. All iPhone 15 devices would lack a notch and incorporate the Dynamic Island from the iPhone 14 Pro. Design changes aren't expected.


Apple may replace the iPhone 15's Lightning port with a USB-C port to comply with European standards. These restrictions would oblige Apple to produce iPhones with USB-C connections in Europe, meaning the company must either switch the design worldwide or develop specific iPhones for Europe.


The optical zoom capabilities of periscope lenses are greater than those attainable with normal telephoto lenses, enabling 5x or even 10x optical zoom. The iPhone's zoom capabilities would be greatly improved with a periscope lens as the current Pro models are only capable of 3x zoom.Samsung, an Apple rival, has released smartphones with periscope lens technology, which allows for up to 100x digital zoom and 4x to 10x optical zoom.

Periscope Lens Innovation

The iPhone 15 models may be the first to use an A-series processor manufactured using TSMC's third-generation 3-nanometer node, an Apple supplier. The use of 3nm chip technology is predicted to result in processing performance increases of 10 to 15% and power savings of up to 30%.

A-Series Chips

It has been rumoured that 2023 might be the year that Apple-designed modem chips emerge, but it is not yet clear when the modem chips will be ready. For the past few years, Apple has been striving to produce modem chips internally.

Modem Chips

Although there have been persistent speculations that Apple has explored reintroducing Touch ID to its flagship iPhones utilising an under-display technology, it is anticipated that Touch ID will not be present in the iPhone 15 models, which will instead feature Face ID.

 Touch ID

Foldable technology is young and has several challenges. Still early, with wrinkled screens and poorly designed software. Apple doesn't enter a market unless it can guarantee its quality.

Folding iPhone 15

With iPhone 14, the 2023 iPhone lineup is easy to forecast. Apple didn't revamp its latest models; instead, it updated displays and cameras.

Dynamic Island

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