Little Ways to Boost Your Confidence

1. Give yourself a break

When our self-esteem is low, we tend to be very hard on ourselves. But instead of being critical, we need to be kind.So, the next time you're being hard on yourself, try to catch yourself and start thinking about all the little things you love about yourself instead. At first, this will be hard, but as you do it more, it will become easier.

Accept your mistakes

There's pressure on women to be flawless. We are continually assaulted with manipulated celebrity photographs, Beyonce quotations, and cultural expectations of what we should be.We're all flawed. When you make a mistake, attempt to gain some perspective. Because a mistake can seem fatal in the moment but be a blessing in the long run.

3. Identify Your Strengths

When you're feeling down, focus on your strengths. Make a list for when you're feeling low.
Perhaps you're a good writer or painter. You're a generous friend or daughter. It's vital to acknowledge your strengths, even if they appear small.

4. Accept Compliments

For many women, the first thing we do when we hear a compliment is to say "no." It can be hard to take compliments, especially from people you don't know. But don't ignore a compliment the next time someone gives it to you. Say "thank you" or "that's so kind of you to say" instead.At some point, the urge to say "no" to compliments will go away, and you might start to believe what people say about you.

5. Know what you can change and be okay with what you can't.

Everyone wants to alter something about themselves. While we're urged to "accept our shortcomings," it's okay to strive to better.Focus on what you can change, not what you can't. If you're too tall or too short, you can't fix that.Others are easy to change. If you're ashamed about your smile, you can get invisible braces (a trip to Jovan Orthodontics might just do the trick).Or, if you're unhappy with your acne, you can change your skincare routine.

6. Affirmations of the good

6. Affirmations of the good Let's be honest: positive affirmations can sound like a lot of hooey. But the truth is that it can work if you do it right.So, every time you look in the mirror in the morning, say something positive out loud. At first, you'll probably think it's silly to do it. But if you tell yourself good things often enough, they will eventually start to sink in.

7. Enjoy the little things

We usually only give ourselves praise when we've done something big, like getting a new job. But things like that don't happen all the time. Try to be happy about the little things you do well. You might have made it to work on time or had a great hair day. These things may seem small, but it's important to remember them.

8. Cultivate Happiness

Spending time doing things we enjoy makes us feel better about ourselves. Schedule some time for yourself every day. It could be anything, like reading, cooking, painting, or having a dance party by yourself. Maybe it's just taking a while to relax on the couch. Do what makes you happy.

9. Set up a way to help

If you have people in your life who make you feel bad about yourself, it might be time to leave. Find people who lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. Your self-worth will also go up if you have people you can help. When you do something nice for someone, you feel great.

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