Unknown Mario facts

MAR10 Day! It's time to celebrate one of our favourite Nintendo characters and his games. If you've played Mario games, you know his ups and downs, but some gamers don't realise these bizarre facts. I've compiled 10 Mario facts to celebrate. See if you know these.

Donkey Kong was the first game in which Mario appeared

Donkey Kong, Shigeru Miyamoto's debut game, was also Mario's first. Jumpman had to avoid the monkey's barrels and reach the top of each level to save the princess. Mario replaced Jumpman.

Mario was given the name of a Washington-based property developer

Nintendo rented a warehouse in Tukwila, Washington, as its American headquarters in 1981. Mario Segale impressed his Nintendo tenants when he demanded late rent, NPR reports. Segale's love of overalls and diminutive stature may have impacted Mario's design.

There are a total of twelve jobs that Mario has had

Carpenter, Plumber, Baseball player, soccer player, basketball player, professional golfer, doctor, martial artist, and worker in construction Olympic competitor

Mario played a bad guy in Donkey Kong Jr.

The straight arcade follow-up to the first Donkey Kong game was this. Mario locks Donkey Kong in a prison because he is sick of his kidnapping antics. He had no idea that Donkey Kong Junior would arrive to save his father. Players control the little ape as they advance through numerous levels to save Donkey Kong.

The intended adversary for Mario was an ox

Miyamoto was inspired by Alakazam the Great to make an ox Mario's toughest foe. Takashi Tezuka thought the ox resembled a turtle. The two then created Bowser, a turtle-like Koopa leader.

The voice actor for Mario's video game audition arrived without being invited

Since 1995, Charles Martinet has voiced Mario, Luigi, Wario, and Waluigi. Thanks to a friend who persuaded him to attend an uninvited Las Vegas audition. As Martinet arrived, the audition team was packing up. They let him try out, thankfully.

Numerous Guinness World Records belong to Mario

Charles Martinet has voiced Mario in the most video games.Super Mario Bros. was the first video game-based film, despite being bad.Mario has appeared in the most games.The longest-running video game character.Mario's last record is best-selling videogame series.

Mario kills Toads when he breaks blocks

The true history of Mario and his kingdom, the Mushroom Kingdom, is actually quite sinister. This passage was extracted verbatim from the Super Mario Bros. instruction manual.

Over 250 games have already included Mario, and there are more on the way

Yes, Mario's been busy in recent years. We know there are basic Super Mario games like Super Mario Odyssey or Paper Mario. Party games like Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, and Mario Party. Mario's repertoire also includes mobile games, computer learning games, and more.

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