The Zodiac and the Lunar Eclipse of November 2022

What Is A Lunar Eclipse?

When the sun and moon are opposite signs, a lunar eclipse occurs. The moon's reddish-orange colour is created by Earth blocking the sun's rays and casting a shadow on it. Eclipses, which occur three to four times a year, are rare and impactful. Since lunar eclipses mimic full moons, they reveal hidden themes.Eclipses are usually stressful, thus they don't usually signal action. .


The lunar eclipse on Nov. 8 will spotlight your relationship to money, belongings, and resources, asking you to accept the comfort and security they bring. This eclipse will be conjunct Uranus and square Saturn, thus upheavals may be needed for true sustainability. Consider your current financial relationship and what needs to change to make you happy. 


The Nov. 8 moon eclipse will emphasize your first house of self, highlighting your individuality and autonomy. Taurus, you're learning to love yourself even though it's uncomfortable. This eclipse is conjunct with Uranus and square Saturn, so you may have challenges with old portions of your identity and how you're recognized, but it's crucial to value yourself. 


On Nov. 8, the lunar eclipse in Taurus will illuminate your 12th house of solitude, withdrawal, and mental health, encouraging you to seek peace, comfort, and rest at home. This eclipse is encouraging you to slow down in more ways than one. Forming a square to Saturn, you may have self-limiting views about taking a break that conflict with the yearning for radical relaxation. Gemini, relax.


Cancer is a loving sign that gets comfort and joy from helping other people. During eclipse season, however, the sign might feel thrown off by even a small change in their social circle and start to think about their friendships and relationships. Even though it might be nice to live close to other people, you should always be willing to meet new people.


Leos, this Blood Moon 2022 may affect your profession and work. You may need to make important decisions and lead particular areas, which may seem scary at first but will assist your career. It's crucial to feel safe and use your skills, even if things seem out of control.


As an Earth sign, Virgo is very grounded and always feels safe around close friends and family. But during this Blood Moon, you might have a feeling of unease and want to be careful. You might have to force yourself to leave your comfort zone and try new things.


This time could throw you off, Libra. When this happens, it's best to take a step back and avoid any kind of drama. You might be able to see what other people are thinking and even think about what you want. Don't get into sticky situations; instead, face your truths and think about yourself.


With the sun, Mercury, and Venus in your sight and the full moon's energies, Scorpios may experience an emotional upheaval during this lunar eclipse. As you learn more about your partner, relationships can evolve. Breaking old habits, taking new steps in your relationship, and having unexpected talks can happen.

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