Hard workers want things done well, not just done.Hard workers don't mind helping others. If the manager asks who will do this project, the hard worker volunteers.Your zodiac sign may be indolent or hardworking. How about astrology?

The Zodiac Signs That Are The Laziest And The Hardest Working, According To Astrology

Leo, being charming and adored isn't enough. You're creative and adore the spotlight. You probably want to be an actor/singer/lifestyle blogger/YouTube celebrity.You may like the spotlight, but not the hard labour involved. Leo's weakness is laziness, making you one of the laziest — if not the laziest — zodiac signs.

1. Leo

Aquarius is one of the laziest zodiac signs. You're a humanitarian and appreciate fighting for issues, which involve hard effort and dedication.You desire to make a positive influence in the world, but you're not always good at the labor required. You tweet about causes you care about, yet you don't always help. You dislike dull or uninteresting situations, which hard effort may be.

2. Aquarius

 Even thinking about being confined makes you queasy. You adore freedom, especially if it means travellingBeing a hard worker requires consistency, showing up, and dedication. You feel limited by hard work.You don't refuse to work, but you don't offer to put in extra time or take on more chores.

3. Sagittarius

Taurus, you enjoy life's better things, including kicking back and relaxing.Your home is clean, organised, and neat because you placed the clothes in the basket and took out the garbage; you can't be bothered with anything else. Why move when seated?Taurus, you should stop working and relax with a glass of wine on the couch. Tauruses do as little effort as possible.

4. Taurus 

Pisces, you avoid hard tasks because you're too distracted. Your space is clean, but you'd prefer have your roommate or partner do anything you can't do quickly. Pisces, you're lazy because you procrastinate until the last minute. Yes, you'll do your job tasks, but if your employer asks for one more, you're out the door before they finish speaking.

5. Pisces

PJs and TV all day? Libra, you think so.Once you're on the couch, it's impossible for your partner to pull you up. You're easily distracted, not because your TV is boring.Libra, you occasionally overindulge. Unplug your TV and phone to regain focus.

6. Libra

Cancer, you're a true homebody, and while you do your responsibilities, others find your pace painfully slow.You rarely leave the house, preferring that loved ones visit you, which irritates them. Yes, you'll cook for them, but it'd be good if they didn't always have to accommodate your tastes.Cancer, you can be diligent, but stepping outside for even a brief time can protect you from burning out from sloth.

7. Cancer

Gemini, you're slow but capable. You dislike being bored and are always busy, although this can cause you to oversleep.You procrastinate when asked to conduct errands or clean your home. Once you start a new endeavour and enjoy it, you can't stop.

8. Gemini 

Scorpio, outsiders may believe you're lethargic, yet within you're a machine. Relaxing is probably good for you. You'll do anything to achieve your goals, and this makes you self-absorbed. Am I too slow? Will I fail? If you don't breathe, these thoughts can overwhelm you. Scorpio, you're not lazy, but sometimes it's best to be.

9. Scorpio